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Bomanite, the World’s market leader in Decorative Concrete for more than 50 years, offers a full range of Decorative Concrete Solutions to preferably suit your any flooring needs: stamped Concrete system, Exposed Aggregates System, Topping system and Custom Polishing System.


Eco-sol is a complete set of eco-friendly solutions from pervious / permeabale paving, Grasscrete paving, up to Greenwalls and Greenroof.


Ezarri is a leading company in glass mossaic manufacturing based in Spain. With more than 30 years of experience Ezarri is committed to Innovation, Quality and Service Excellence.


We offer a full range of natural stones, boulders, rocks, pebbles and sand for all types of landscaping and masonry installation requirements.


Bomanite “Green Diamond” concrete polishing system is the ultimate solution in concrete polishing. The “Green Diamond” system is a complete process that involves multiple grinding, honing and polishing to refine the surface while also treating the concrete with lithium densifier to harden, strengthen and prevent concrete dusting. This is one of the best among other decorative concrete finishes and is considered sustainable, durable with a very aesthetically pleasing appearance


Bomanite Grasscrete Systems is the only product on the market that is made from continuously reinforced cast-in-place concrete. it is by far the most robust pervious grassed structure as it is not made from cheap plastic rings nor supplied segments


Art Stein crafts textured surfaces of stone, rock, brick, slate and granite and even wood on vertical concrete surfaces. It offers a striking selection of realistic designs to choose from. Its custom-molded textures are so realistic you’ll see every detail of the natural stone – right down to the grout joints in-between.


Glow Stone photoluminescent aggregates feature the highest luminosity in the world. They were specially formulated for use in concrete, terrazzo, and epoxy surfaces. Glow stone aggregates produce self-generating ambient light sourcing which further enhances safety in low-light conditions while creating a unique nocturnal surface element.

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