About Us

Cypress Group of Companies



The company was founded in 1972 as CYPRESS GARDEN AND ROCK SUPPLY , to serve primarily the needs of the local market on various types of stones, pebbles and ornamental plants. With the construction boom in the 80’s, it became one of the major suppliers of quality rocks and pebbles of big contractors in the country. From then on, it also started serving other neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries in Asia and as far as the USA (Hawaii).


The company has grown further and has established its own landscaping firm, PHILIPPINE CYPRESS CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION , in 1984. The corporation aimed to provide the best services in beach & resort development, theme park & public park development, swimming pool & waterfalls’ installation, residential gardens, masonry finishing works, and all other types of landscaping needs. PCCDC also did maintenance work to sustain its finished landscaping jobs.


In 1991, it acquired the BOMANITE franchise in the USA and introduced in the country, the imprinted concrete technology. Bomanite Corporation is the leading concrete paving innovator in the USA. They have led and dominated the imprinted/stamped concrete segment all over the world with more than 200 licensed franchisees. BOMANITE PHILIPPINES was established to acquire all the technology of Bomanite USA. To date, it has installed more than 100,000 square meters of Bomanite all over the country. Other product innovations include Exposed Aggregate System, Toppings System, Custom Polishing and Precast System - all patented technologies of Bomanite.


In the year 2000, Bomanite Philippines & Philippine Cypress Construction & Development Corporation merged into span style = "color:#319938"> CYPRESS BOMANITE, INC. , to consolidate its marketing effort and to streamline its operations. It has grown fairly and has now branches in Cebu, Bulacan, Cavite and Palawan to date.


In 2006, it has established its Bomanite Regional Manufacturing Facility - BOMANITE SE ASIA PTE. LTD. - where the sub-franchises in the SE Asia Region is being centralized. It has as well started its Export and Retail Business in the entire region. It also has launched its retail company, QC Construction Products Phils. Inc., which supplies decorative concrete products called QC Deco Crete; reputable tools and equipment brands, such as Dieci, Locatelli, Curb Roller and Vibrastrike; and natural stones and pebbles’ and its accessory products, Durostone. Currently QC, has 35 active dealers all over the country.


By 2010, Cypress Bomanite came up with two (2) more brands to add to its portfolio, namely; Eco-Sol Green Solutions which is comprised of different ecological concrete solutions including Green Roof System, Green Wall System, Eco-Krete (Porous Concrete) System, Grasscrete System and Decorative Planters; and the Duro-Stone Brand , which is comprised of natural stones’ and tiles’ grouts, adhesive and repair products, waterproofing, sealers and coatings. These products are both sold in retail and with installation included.


BIn 2014, it added two new solutions; (a) Art Stein , crafts textured surfaces of stone, rock, brick, slate and granite and even wood on vertical concrete surfaces. It offers a striking selection of realistic designs to choose from. Its custom-molded textures are so realistic you’ll see every detail of the natural stone – right down to the grout joints in-between; and (b) Duroflex , its brand for rubber flooring to suit your need for a durable and flexible flooring material. It offers a vast selection of colors, patterns and textures. Its soft yielding nature makes it the best choice floor for play areas, bedrooms, and other living areas

Mission / Vision

We provide and create beautiful solutions for our clients to make it a more beautiful and sustainable place to live in. We are a “SOLUTIONS PROVIDER”. We identify and understand the needs of our clients and the site. From here, we create solutions to these problems, solutions that are not just functional but beautiful as well. As a result, our clients will reward us with leadership sales and profit growth. We achieved these by:

1. Being in tune with the market. We understand and meet the needs of the market by continuously innovating, searching and learning the best methods of doing things.

2. Making our people as the source of our strength and competitive advantage. We continually train them to be the best in their position. We value leadership, integrity, hardwork, competence and team spirit. These values drive us to excel. We reward people based on their contribution.

3. Superior Customer Service. We deliver on our commitments to our customers and if possible we exceed them. We also understand the needs of our community and do our share in making our community and do our share in making our community a better place to live in.

“All these are possible through God and for God”.